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The Smile Club

Dr. Vargas is proud to present The Smile Club. Any patient who does not have insurance is eligible for membership. The Smile Club annual membership fee is $369 per individual, $664.20 for individual plus spouse and $313 for each additional family member.

Membership benefits include:

  • Two cleanings in a 12 month period (Usually $262)
  • Two examinations by the doctor in a 12 month period (Usually $114)
  • One set of x-rays in a 12 month period (Usually $79-$149)
  • One fluoride treatment in a 12 month period (Usually $51)
  • 15% courtesy on all additional dental treatment at our office for the 12  month period

The Smile Club membership is renewable on a yearly basis. The price is subject to change at renewal. Membership is non-refundable and all benefits are usable in the 12 month period after membership is paid in full. There are no exceptions to this policy. The Smile Club entitles members to a generous 15% courtesy ,therefore, we require that all treatment be paid in full at the time of the appointment. The courtesy and Smile Club membership’s benefits cannot be given in conjunction with financing options such as Chase Health or other discount promotions.

Regular Fee

Smile Club Fee

Crowns $ 1,647 $ 1,399
Yearly Cleaning $ 455-661 $ 369
Molar Root Canal $ 1451 $ 1233
2 Surface Filling $ 278 $ 236

Have more questions? Want to sign up? Contact us.